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Pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis and other heel disorders can last 24/7. Walking, running and other recreational activities are hurtful. Sleep is interrupted by a throbbing, burning sensation in the heel.

But now, relief is here. Wearing one of our Night Splints at bed time allieviates foot pain in the morning. These ingenious devices provide additional support and the promise of a good night's rest.

You can choose from the Standard Night Splints, Doral Night Splints and Soft Night Splints. All three splints are recommended by doctors for the overnight treatment of a variety of heel disorders.

Night Splints: Three Healthy Choices
  • Standard Night Splints: A boot night splint with a rigid outer layer and soft inner layer that adjusts for comfort and provides overnight relief from foot pain.
  • Dorsal Night Splints: Fits on the front of the leg with straps to pull toes upward and features a hidden brace for maximum support and pain relief during bedtime.
  • Soft Night Splints: Slips on like a sock with adjustable straps for overnight toe and ankle support and pain relief.

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